A superior logistics system is a ‘proprietary asset’ of any organization that cannot be easily duplicated. Logistics have a pivotal role to play in making the whole supply chain experience seamless. Many organizations have begun to view business logistics as an effective competitive weapon.

As a premier logistics solution integrator, our services are comprehensive to cater the needs of both SMEs and MNC’s. We collaborate with our clients in increasing efficiency and enabling high performance resulting in enhanced business growth and profitability.

Our solution for Real-Time Visibility and Security across the Supply Chain End-to-end security of the supply chain is a relatively new and critical requirement for manufacturers and importers. HESIL acts as an intermediary and consistently establishes and monitors a secure chain all the way from production to consumption.

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Supply Chain Excellence

The HESIL Global Solution Technology centers offer ‘Supply Chain Excellence’ with world class people, processes, technology and operational know-how. We at Hesil deliver strategic business solutions that enable clients to gather, process and share information across the extended supply chain which includes sales and operations planning (S&OP), collaborative planning, demand management, inventory management, production planning, scheduling and distribution to optimize the supply chain. HESIL as a Logistics Service & Solution Provider (LSP), brings specific knowledge and experience as well as technology to an organization and to work with customers to develop a solution to improve an existing or new process through independent and unbiased analysis and recommendations.