• As a contracted blender, we provide access to a full range of high quality Hexomatrixx branded lubricants for export and local use to various industries. Hexomatrixx branded lubricants are accredited to a number of world renowned laboratories for analysis and are DAC certified for its quality. Hexomatrixx offers a wide range of high quality Lubricants, Greases and Specialties.
  • We assist customers in managing private labels/Product life Cycle Management right from the R&D to manufacturing and operations management.  Our services include the right recommendation of technical formulations, OEM approvals and in country statutory requirements. We undertake turnkey projects in product development right from designing the mold to blow molding the packs of 4 Liter, 5 Liter, and 1 Liter.  We work with the leading mold manufacturers in the world to deliver you the highest quality packages.
MOQ for export: 1x20ft Container:  Packs available in 208L, 20L, 1L, 4L 5 

Contact us: cs@hexomatrixx.com