Hornett Bros & Co Ltd in association with Hexomatrixx- MPCL offers Innovative Products for Metal Working

INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS for METALWORKING Cutting and Grinding Fluid Concentrate soluble oils and semi-synthetic coolants for metalworking applications  Hornett Bros & Co Ltd in association with Hexomatrixx- MPCl offer a wide range of products for different applications for customers in the Middle East.  We are associated with one of the leading manufacturers that has exported extreme pressure additives worldwide under the EP Oil trade name for over 60 years.  Our manufacturing facility is located in the UK which is backed by a full quality control laboratory on site. Being located all on one site we are able to react to our customers needs very quickly and efficiently. Specialists in the production of extreme pressure additives for more than 50 years

  • Industrial gear oil additives
  • Slideway additive package
  • Ashless friction modifier
  • Polyalkylene Glycols
  • High level of technical expertise
  • Welcome assisting customers in their development programmes

We sell our range of additives to the multinational lubricant blenders as well as the small to medium independent blenders worldwide. We can offer a wide range of additives for many different applications including price sensitive, dark-colored grades which range from 10% to 20%. As well as the new WH Range of lighter color and low odor grades that range from 10% to 26%.  Our new range of light color and low odor EP additives that have excellent thermal stability, are compatible with a wide range of base oils and are very competitively priced.  We also offer Gear oil, Sideway oil additives, friction modifiers, chlorinated paraffin, rust preventives, VI improves and Polyalkylene Glycols.  We work with the reputed manufacturer of Rust Preventatives and Tackifiers. We also produce a range of synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids, these products are fairly niche and have excellent performance results.

Cutting and Grinding Fluid Concentrate

High quality universal soluble oil which requires minimal maintenance in even the most demanding fluid management systems. It has broad application in machining and grinding on a wide range of materials. The high levels of both chemical and mechanical lubricity in this product handle the medium to high duty machining and grinding jobs. The stable and predictable performance of makes it the first choice for high quality, consistent parts manufacturing.

High performance fully synthetic fluid for working cast iron and mild steels. State of the art technologies provides excellent cooling and chip settling, good tramp oil rejection and machine cleanliness while leaving a protective film on the machine tool.

The copolymers we offer are 75% of ethylene and 25% of propylene oxides giving water-soluble products. They have various viscosities from 200cst to 100,000cst @ 40°C and are suitable neat for high-temperature lubrication. Compared with mineral and most other synthetic oil W series have a very high hydrodynamic lubricity leading to low wear.


Industrial Gear & Bearing Lubricants

A series exhibit outstanding lubricity and wear-resisting properties, thus providing an ideal base for synthetic lubricants in a wide range of applications.

Textile Fiber Lubricants

A series have proven application in almost every stage of textile fiber lubrication

  • Gear and calendar lubricants.
  • Automotive refrigeration lubricants.
  • Compressor lubricants.
  • Metalworking lubricants.
  • Textile lubricants.


For hydraulic fluid:

Offers High viscosity available for the preparation of water glycol hydraulic fluids.  Offers excellent shear stability and provides good lubricity to the finished fluid.

For quenching fluid:

Offers appropriate anti-corrosion additives can be used in water solution to provide high-performance quench ants for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, offering considerable advantage over the use of mineral oil.

For metalworking fluid:

Aqueous solutions of providing excellent lubricants and heat transfer agents for use in metal cutting and spinning processes.

For textile lubrication:

The products offer proven application in almost every stage of textile fiber lubrication. Depending upon the application, fiber type and yarn structure, the desired level of friction control can be obtained by selecting one, or a combination of grades.

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