A Vital Link in Your Supply Chain

Hexomatrixx is a leading Supply chain and  Logistics service provider in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. The discipline we apply here is key to the long-standing business strategies, has led to sustainable competitive advantages which allowed us to take on the toughest global logistics and supply chain challenges.  Hexomatrixx is a leader in outsourcing of customer service, 3PL logistics and is providing innovative supply chain solutions to a wide customer base from the offices and networks based in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Torque Engine Oils  “The Rotating Force Redefined”

As a contracted blender, we provide access to a full range of high quality Hexomatrixx branded lubricants for export and local use to various industries. Hexomatrixx branded lubricants are accredited to a number of world renowned laboratories for analysis and are DAC certified for its quality.  Hexomatrixx offers a wide range of high quality Lubricants, Greases and Specialties.  We currently export our products to more than 10 countries from our ME blending facility.