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Think like A Genuine Brand

The brainstormer Quiz of a recent group caught up my attention, moving away from its usual formats as it’s presented with a difference. The task given to the group was to identify a brand from a series of funny, catchy slogans, tagline used as an aid in promoting brands or products in the past and present. These catchy slogans have clever phrases and used as great motto to advertise and promote brands in a big way. When the Quiz Master announced the answers to each of those almost all the brands were known or we use in one way or other in our day to day life, however one could relate or memorize only 10% of the brands with these catchy taglines.

Why only a few brands come to our mind and we look for those? Researchers have proved, the human mind has the ability to retain and recall things that are unique and distinctive. There are areas in our brain which can store certain brands and slogans but not all. The brands that truly influence our mind are the one that emotionally we attached. Many of these products are unique that has enhanced our lives in one way or the other.

Perceived Value.

Many of the successful brands of today had created an exceptional customer perceived value which is mathematically equal to the benefit divided by the cost. The price is only one part of the three fundamentals i.e. Time, Feeling and Money. We often think the perceived value means the lowest cost. There are brands that highlight the lowest prices as a distinctive point and generally, this is an indication of the brand getting surrendered to the consumer’s mind as a commodity, lowering its value proposition and begins to start losing its brand identity. The crowd gets attracted to the lowest price will be primarily being loyal to the price and not to the delivered value. They will leave when a competitor comes in at a cheaper price.

Emotional engagement

Smart companies of today compete for emotion as it says connects your brand with your customer’s heart and not with the head. Position the brand to keep your customers grounded with emotional engagements. In a brand value formula, the perceived value should exceed the total cost both functional and emotional. A genuine brand understands that the lowest price strategy alone will not necessarily guarantee customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Brand Promise

In order to be passionate about a brand, the organizations need to create, believe and deliver in a brand promise. Many Organizations of today including the fortune 100 or 500 talks about their commitment and dedication to customers, on one hand, is looking for outdated and low-cost solutions, overlooking how their brands are perceived in the market. It seems the corporate world of today are suffering from a ‘policy-mania’ that is a policy to control every possible process and actions. The policies are important, however; remember promises are delivered by people and not by policies.

Integrity Dividend

We all use the word ‘genuine’ often means authentic in other words ‘trusted’. In today’s world, there are very few promises one can really count on and people appreciate if yours is one of them. The organizations which belief in creating such genuine brands and promises are the one which benefits today from the “integrity dividends”.

Think like a ‘Brand’

Every human being is a brand, the way we dress, talk and socialize. To be a brand we should think like a brand, which requires a different mindset, perspective, and unique approach. To become a personal brand doesn’t mean being powerful, rich or famous. Your promise as a brand is about how you want to be described and how you would like other people to feel about for which we will have to raise the bar both at a personal and professional level. Create a paradigm shift today to deliver a promise tomorrow with exceptional esteem be it ‘You or a “Brand” in your mind.

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Innovative Products for Metal Working

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd in association with Hexomatrixx- MPCL offers Innovative Products for Metal Working

INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS for METALWORKING Cutting and Grinding Fluid Concentrate soluble oils and semi-synthetic coolants for metalworking applications  Hornett Bros & Co Ltd in association with Hexomatrixx- MPCl offer a wide range of products for different applications for customers in the Middle East.  We are associated with one of the leading manufacturers that has exported extreme pressure additives worldwide under the EP Oil trade name for over 60 years.  Our manufacturing facility is located in the UK which is backed by a full quality control laboratory on site. Being located all on one site we are able to react to our customers needs very quickly and efficiently. Specialists in the production of extreme pressure additives for more than 50 years

  • Industrial gear oil additives
  • Slideway additive package
  • Ashless friction modifier
  • Polyalkylene Glycols
  • High level of technical expertise
  • Welcome assisting customers in their development programmes

We sell our range of additives to the multinational lubricant blenders as well as the small to medium independent blenders worldwide. We can offer a wide range of additives for many different applications including price sensitive, dark-colored grades which range from 10% to 20%. As well as the new WH Range of lighter color and low odor grades that range from 10% to 26%.  Our new range of light color and low odor EP additives that have excellent thermal stability, are compatible with a wide range of base oils and are very competitively priced.  We also offer Gear oil, Sideway oil additives, friction modifiers, chlorinated paraffin, rust preventives, VI improves and Polyalkylene Glycols.  We work with the reputed manufacturer of Rust Preventatives and Tackifiers. We also produce a range of synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids, these products are fairly niche and have excellent performance results.

Cutting and Grinding Fluid Concentrate

High quality universal soluble oil which requires minimal maintenance in even the most demanding fluid management systems. It has broad application in machining and grinding on a wide range of materials. The high levels of both chemical and mechanical lubricity in this product handle the medium to high duty machining and grinding jobs. The stable and predictable performance of makes it the first choice for high quality, consistent parts manufacturing.

High performance fully synthetic fluid for working cast iron and mild steels. State of the art technologies provides excellent cooling and chip settling, good tramp oil rejection and machine cleanliness while leaving a protective film on the machine tool.

The copolymers we offer are 75% of ethylene and 25% of propylene oxides giving water-soluble products. They have various viscosities from 200cst to 100,000cst @ 40°C and are suitable neat for high-temperature lubrication. Compared with mineral and most other synthetic oil W series have a very high hydrodynamic lubricity leading to low wear.


Industrial Gear & Bearing Lubricants

A series exhibit outstanding lubricity and wear-resisting properties, thus providing an ideal base for synthetic lubricants in a wide range of applications.

Textile Fiber Lubricants

A series have proven application in almost every stage of textile fiber lubrication

  • Gear and calendar lubricants.
  • Automotive refrigeration lubricants.
  • Compressor lubricants.
  • Metalworking lubricants.
  • Textile lubricants.


For hydraulic fluid:

Offers High viscosity available for the preparation of water glycol hydraulic fluids.  Offers excellent shear stability and provides good lubricity to the finished fluid.

For quenching fluid:

Offers appropriate anti-corrosion additives can be used in water solution to provide high-performance quench ants for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, offering considerable advantage over the use of mineral oil.

For metalworking fluid:

Aqueous solutions of providing excellent lubricants and heat transfer agents for use in metal cutting and spinning processes.

For textile lubrication:

The products offer proven application in almost every stage of textile fiber lubrication. Depending upon the application, fiber type and yarn structure, the desired level of friction control can be obtained by selecting one, or a combination of grades.

Please contact us for more details.

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More Green Solutions For Business

Green building is a concept that several industries are familiar with and some of them in Coimbatore and Tirupur have already gone in for green factories.

The concept is now getting extended to include automation and logistics so that the efficiency of the units improves.

According to the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai-based Hexomatrixx, Raghu Menon, free trade zones in the west Asian countries have to meet specific standards of green technologies.


Though green logistics is not prevalent in India now, with more overseas retailers expected to open shops in the country soon, the need for green buildings and green logistics will increase.

The concept includes modular warehouses and environment-friendly transportation, material handling and waste management.

Modular warehouses (minimum 500 sq.metres area) can go green in design and in the construction materials used, be it for roofing, wall or flooring.

For instance, precast or rapid walls can be used as wall material, reinforced fiber plastics can be used for roofing, and the lighting can be from LEDs.

The other measures are permitting more sunlight into the warehouse and use of recycled materials in the building.

Going in for solar panels or hybrid energy systems in the building will ensure that at least part of the power supply is from renewable energy sources. Another area of focus will be on containing waste generation, recycling, and eco-friendly waste disposal.

Automation in both, logistics and resource management will improve the efficiency of the system.

These can Radio-Frequency Identification-based or adoption of wireless systems. It will also bring in paperless offices and management of the inventory.


In the case of transportation, the way materials are stacked into the truck and how it is done is also important. Hexomatrixx has the domain expertise for these as it has done similar projects abroad. Indigenous solutions can be developed for automation so that it is cost-effective, he says.

With green solutions for modular warehouse, transportation, waste management and automation, the minimum energy saving will be 20 percent. The companies will be able to go in for green certifications too.

The concept will be useful for sectors such as retail, oil and gas and automobiles.

Read More here –

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Step Into Green Logistics

A superior logistics system is a ‘proprietary asset’ of any organization that cannot be easily duplicated. Logistics have a pivotal role to play in making the whole supply chain experience seamless. Many organizations have begun to view business logistics as an effective competitive weapon. Although winds of changes are sweeping across supply chain business the industry is becoming more complex with increased globalization and has become the center stage of discussion.

Industry Challenge

Defective supply chains are costing companies billions every year in lost revenue. This point there is a need for optimization, automation, risk mitigation and innovation. According to reports, around 75 percent of a company’s carbon footprint comes from transportation and logistics alone. In such a scenario, warehouses can play an important role in mitigating the environmental impacts of logistics activities through green initiatives.

The demand for quality Logistics infrastructure is being strongly felt across all industries owing to growth in the emerging economies, the future of the warehousing sector seems bright. The driving force behind the green movement is the continuous rise in fuel costs. Moreover, growing demands from global players for green supply chain processes and the need to cut down on external and wasteful costs that leave carbon footprints in the environment are other major factors driving companies to go green.

Potential investors

Logistics centers being an integral part of manufacturing the concept of green warehousing it is going to be an operational norm, as the concept will provide the much-desired qualification to engage in business with the MNC’s and SMEs. MNCs, in general, are going to be the prime investors in this segment and have aggressive targets of reducing carbon emissions from both mobile infrastructure and immobile infrastructure in the entire supply chain. This situation demands companies to adopt green measures. This also helps in bringing long-term benefits to these companies.

Where to Start?

To facilitate the Green supply chain process, a comprehensive review of operations across the supply chain and the value proposition for implementing an advanced supply chain planning and logistics solution is required. The scope of this effort includes all supply chain processes across the following functional areas:

Prioritize potential business capability improvements.

  • Outlined technology solutions required to support these improvements
  • Implementation of a series of program and infrastructure upgrades
  • Optimization of resources,
  • Adaption of technology in different areas of warehousing,
  • Automation of order to cash processes, and outsourcing
  • Integration of warehousing with efficient transport & Distribution network systems.
  • Waste disposals & recycles.

Create a Value proposition

The environmental initiative builds the value proposition of a logistics company and sets it apart from the competitors as it reflects its commitment to the environment. The benefits of undertaking green logistics and environmental initiatives include.

Brand building for being projected as an Eco-friendly company holding corporate social responsibility

Cost management from energy savings by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions resulting in efficient and sustainable supply chain infrastructure, which creates an opportunity to earn carbon credits.

Human well-being index results in increased productivity of employees.

Material compliance & Automation

Implementation of Green supply chain is a challenge as it involves both automation and material compliance meeting the carbon reduction. Logistics automation has virtually made inventory paperless and the use of information technology is bringing warehouse operation towards the greener side. In addition, using construction materials that possess good strength and durability proves to be of utmost importance like the precast as it reduces the CO2 emissions. It plays an important role as the warehouse structures are expected to exist and perform over long periods of time, and hence the construction materials used should be compliant to sustainable standards to bear the long-term wear & tear and reduce the cost of replacement to a large extent. For e.g The roof structures facilitating the use of solar PV, usage of skylight concepts will drive a reduction in costs of alternative fuels on a year-on-year basis, insulated steel panels will ensure lower consumption through the grid and eventually play a crucial role in the green technology.

  • Building a roadmap based on corporate social responsibility
  • customer acceptance and good business sense
  • Looking for customer competitive advantage and USP s
  • Evaluating green initiatives in terms of cost, timescale and business case
  • Measuring and benchmarking
  • Adopting the right green practices for Eco-friendly
  • Design energy-efficient construction and operations in warehouses

Operational Excellence

Today, the manufacturing industry is facing a volatile economy, intense competition and rising energy/material costs. Improving operational efficiency has become an imperative not just for margin purposes, but also for long-term success. Cost reduction, quality, and productivity improvement have now become key levers for gaining competitive advantage. Operational Excellence is the pursuit of conducting business in a manner that continuously improves the quality of goods and services, reduces cost, and enhances speed and flexibility to achieve competitive superiority. Green Optimization of the supply chain can significantly improve company profitability and support in achieving Operational Excellence.

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Disruptive Innovation

Traveling in a metro fascinates many as I stepped to Dubai Metro after long to escape from the notorious traffic jams. After a couple of stations pass by, I realized there was something missing in this journey as compared to what it used to be. It was definitely not the usual ‘Jams’ you experience back in India. The atmosphere was so peaceful. There were neither newspaper readers nor chats or jokes around, a sense of absolute silence all around. I could feel the information and communications all pervasive. I could see, hear, since the impacts and feel the vibrations all around made me realize, even the metro am traveling is ‘robotic’ runs on information which travels along cables under the land, see-through and around walls of offices and our homes.


Indeed we all live in an era of the information revolution and the people around us are active users who use the search engines extensively to check what is not available in this universe making millions of individual hits to the popular sites. The information and communication have become an integral part of our life and many of us feel anxious and tense when we are out of reach of our phones and the younger we are the more likely the stress. How far are we comfortable if someone asks to switch off our phones for a while or leave our smartphones at an entrance?‎ Adolescent psychologist ‎says 66 percent of us are Nomo phobic or a fear of losing a cell phone or addicted to the usage of a cell phone, known as “Nomophobia,” or “no-mobile-phone phobia. ‎ This phobia is intense as many of us go to bed with our cell phones just like one will have a teddy bear in the past. The only difference the teddy doesn’t communicate but the phone does with potential health hazards.

The Information overload

Information overload is an increasing problem both in life and workplace. The information is just a click away or more accurately a Google search, depending on your search probable a dozen or hundreds of blogs or topics pop up in front of you to pick. The information is often persistent and can be very intrusive. We have become targets and subjected to an increasing flow of information. Much of it is ‘motivated’ to the sender rather than the recipient. A marketing company may be eager to expose their corporate sales messages or visit their websites and react in a responsive way that benefits them. Take an analysis of your incoming messages in your smartphone, what you receive in a day or in a week: sales literature, Junk emails, Spams, text messages both welcome and unwelcome all that gets hoarded inflates your phone memory. Sometimes we feel jaded and struggle to cope with our brain cannot process. This flurry of information doesn’t increase our knowledge or understanding. As a consequence, many of us feel insecure as we are bombarded with information and developments we do not want to comprehend. The result is either these overloads leads to indecisiveness or an analysis paralysis.

“Cognitive Overload”

Information overload occurs when we have too many information available for our brain to process a particular task. As per the neuroscience, the more accurate definition of the information overload is a “cognitive overload”. Cognitive load theory involves understanding how many discrete units of information can be retained in short-term memory before information loss occurs. An example of this principle that seems to be commonly cited is the use of 7-digit phone numbers, based on the theory that the average person can retain only seven chunks of information in short-term memory. This shows our working memory capacity has inherent limits.Those who learn to deal or cope up with it effectively will have a major advantage in the coming years.

Tips to overcome “Cognitive Overload”

  • Schedule breaks: Take a breather to your brain by switching off or moving away from your computers or smartphones can help you.
  • Set Limits: Internet is available 24/7; limit your browsing time and the quality of information you need to filter.
  • Make your computer clutter free

These Include:

  • Spending less time on gaining information that is nice to know and more time on things that we need to know.
  • Focusing on quality of information, rather than quantity. A short concise Email is more valuable than a long email.
  • Learning how to create better information (this is what the info-engineering is about) be direct in what you ask people so that they can provide short precise answers.
  • Single Tasking and keeping the mind focused on one issue at a time.

The information overload is a progeny of our ever-changing disruptive technology. Let us look back 50 years or so for the number of inventions that happened, most of the breakthroughs ensued when we used to have limited access to information. Does this point these “cognitive overload” breeds a generation less innovative? Most of our life-changing innovations that happened in the past were a ‘slip up’. Let us hope these disruptive technologies breed some “Slip-ups” and if this happens in the coming days… Remember the returns can be enormous !!